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Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund

Project Name : Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund

Funding Source: Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund, Administered by the Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee. 

Start/ Fin: June 2014-July 2015

Project Overview: Over this and next year we will be engaged in actively managing several rainforest stands in the immediate vicinity of the Gippsland Lakes


Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund (GLEF)

The rainforest network has been successful in securing funding from the state government as part of the Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund which is managed by the Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Council. Over the next two years we will be engaged in actively managing several rainforest stands in the immediate vicinity of the Gippsland Lakes, in particular in the Mississippi creek catchment, where our activities will focus on reducing the threat posed by transforming weeds, such as Ivy, blackberries, wandering trad and Arum Lily.   We will be also be planting thousands of rainforest plants and trialing new deer management techniques.

To date several site assessments have been undertaken, some minor exclusion guarding completed and the preferred contractor selected to undertake the herbicide component of the works.

The Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund is helping to keep our deer management group running by funding deer control activities such as the application of deterrent to newly planted rainforest species and the building of exclusion guards to ensure young rainforest plants don’t get eaten by these rainforest destroying species.

We are also running a community engagement process in order to engage and inform the local residents, who are lucky enough to have rainforest remnants on their land,  about the importance of rainforest conservation and the many benefits.

 We will be holding several public meeting as well as providing financial assistance and advice to cialis prix control weeds and replant areas were rainforest species have been lost.  An initial letter of engagement is set to go out to community members next week.

GLEF funding has also paid for the production of our latest brochure.


Another year of funding under the GLEF 

We have also recently had approved a second year of funding from the GLEF through the Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee which will allow us to continue to enhance the ecological integrity of several more rainforest sites around the Gippsland lakes through weed control, restoration planting and deer control. 


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