East Gippsland Rainforest
  Conservation Management Network

 To increase the amount of rainforest and associated vegetation types subject to restoration, conservation and permanent protection in East Gippsland.











Rainforest Restoration and Indigenous Project

This project aims to provide the field experience the Lake Tyers Indigenous work Crew require for their natural resource management certificate qualifications at Forestech, whilst achieving long term improvements in areas of rainforest.

As a pilot project we are keen to document the progress and demonstrate the long term environmental improvements achieved.

The project trainer and managerDSE Supervisor and Lake Tyers Indigenous Work Crew Supervisor plus Trust for Nature representative and EGRCMN committee members visited a number of rainforest sites. Specific goals were identified for each site, to assist in works description, and for monitoring and evaluation.

Preliminary observations that will provide the basis for the project manager to develop the plan of action.

Location Issues Actions proposed  
Kalimna Gully Mixed weed invasion Identify individual weed issues and design a program to match the time allocation and maximise long term benefit. There are already others working in this area and this project aims to support their efforts not to take over their area of interest.
Slopes below the Kalimna hotel Pampas grass Spot spray including small plants and use of ropes to access dangerous areas. Prevent windblown seed establishing pampas on the islands in the lakes.
Comers Road property Cleared area within the gully not responding to revegetation Use of non palatable species to establish protection along with deer mapping and control.  
Harrison's track More information at WWW.goldsmithsintheforest.com.au Large area of wandering jew to be prevented from getting into the gully. Asparagus fern. Map the area of infestation and prepare and spray.
careful walk through and hand weed removing asparagus fern.
Attending to transforming weeds which out compete or block light needed for native species.
Hoggs Lane Maintenance of plantings further planting. Weed around previous plantings as pioneer species being used to develop cover and reduce browsing are susceptible to out competing by pasture grasses.  
Colquhoun Rd Deer damaged to be monitored Map damage and deer movement patterns.  
Thorpes lane Planting to be undertaken